This is our first post, and its main goal is to give you a warm welcome. Subscription rooms.org.uk brings you interesting information about the Subscription Rooms in the city of Stroud, England. This city is in Gloucestershire County and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, picturesque houses, historic churches, and all the charms of the Cotswold Way. If you ever want to visit these parts of the country to take a trip on foot, go to a festival or to a concert, you’ll find this blog to be useful.

Therefore, this is the ‘zero’ article which intends to present the essence of our blog. You’ll find more information as you keep reading.

Our content

Weekly posts

With these types of posts, you’ll know all about events in the Sub Rooms. Whether these are upcoming events or events that took place throughout the building’s history, makes no difference. The main point is that, besides knowing what’s coming, you’ll have a perspective of the Sub Rooms’ historical events which reflect the building’s spirit.

Comments are always welcome as our blog also intends to form a community. If there’s something that the people of Stroud have proven is that they can work as a team. When the Sub Rooms were listed to be sold to private companies, the community responded with a movement to keep the essence of the rooms exactly as it is and to maintain the building in the hands of the state. Luckily, they succeeded.

Monthly posts

Our monthly entries are entirely different from the weekly section. This is the place where we publish guidance, as well as different points of view. For example, you’ll see interesting information about the town’s history, favourite attractions, and so on. The history of the Sub Rooms can’t be missing from this section as it provides context to every event that we find in this building.

Once a month you’ll learn interesting facts about the Cotswolds, Stroud’s history, landscapes, and surroundings. Maybe you didn’t know that Shambles Square was home to the first town market in 1594 and that some of its elements are still there in our days. Perhaps you are not aware of the fact that this area was very important in the thriving of the wool industry which actually helped the region to develop. Thanks to the different streams converging in the Frome River, this area had all the water they needed for cleaning the wool and powering the mills for production.

We are particularly proud of this section. We think that historical and cultural contexts are vital to understanding a social phenomenon like the Sub Rooms. Beyond concerts, festivals, food, and parties, this historical building has much to offer.

Our topics

Our main goal is to provide valuable content. We base our publications on certain guidelines but try to keep the topics interesting. Any type of content about the Sub Rooms, Stroud, the Cotswold, and the area is welcome.

We try to help readers, so they are aware of the upcoming events, but this is not it. We want them to grasp the essence of a legend every time they buy a ticket or go to a concert. Moreover, our content has to be informational but also fun to read, and we don’t compromise in this regard.

So, if you need help finding a future or past event, if you want to know what to do the day after the concert, or want to explore the area, this blog can help you. You’ll be able to find a variety of posts.

Who can benefit from our blog?

Music and art fans

If you love art in all its forms, you are ready to go to the Sub Rooms. Also, if this is your first time, it will be exciting to know more about the place you’re visiting. Here you’ll find the right information on events, concerts, parties, food and drinks festivals, theatre, and more.

History researchers

Although we don’t provide thorough information to the extent a historian may need, you can find the right starting points for your research, paper, or essay. Readers can get quality information and are welcome to place their questions.


If you’re not from around here, you will be delighted to discover the wonders of Stroud and the Sub Rooms. Let this blog be the entry point to the region’s landscapes, historic sites, gastronomy, and events.

Wrapping up

Subscriptionrooms.org.uk is a blog created by people from our community and targets anyone curious enough to find out more about the history of Stroud. We understand the challenges that the Sub Rooms had to overcome, but this has only strengthened the community giving them a greater sense of belonging and granting new meaning to this beloved building.

By Sarah