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Workshops & Classes

Friday & Saturday Workshop Offer
Pre-book your lunch in Mr Twitchett's Café Bar and get a 20% discount.

Scriptwriting Group

April 9, May 7, June 11, July 9.
Wednesday Nights at Twitchetts 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Starting in April, the Subscription Rooms will host a monthly group for anyone who is interested in scriptwriting for theatre, radio or television. These groups will offer an opportunity to share scripts that you may already have, to develop new works and to meet other writers. The group will run from 7 – 9, is hosted by John Bassett from Spaniel in the Works Theatre and is free. Donations welcome for refreshments.

An introduction to Portraits

Katherine Bryan-Merrett
Wednesday 16 April 10 Weeks 7.00pm – 9.00pm
This course takes you through simple stages of looking at portraiture. From basic sketching and shading through to full colour portrait painting. Using a variety of mediums; Katherine takes you through easy to follow stages making portraiture fun for everyone. The workshop is suitable for all levels, with a focus on easy techniques.

Katherine is a self-confessed lazy artist and has worked for over a decade in finding simple techniques for creating stunning portraits. These workshops are about getting a bit messy, freeing up and getting stuck in. If you are not a confident painter/ sketcher, Katherine ensures that by the end of the course you will be full of confidence and thoroughly inspired.
£75.00 (booking essential)
Contact the Subscription Rooms on 01453 760900

Focus on Fused Glass

Caroline Lambert
Monday 28 April 10.30am – 12.30pm
This 10 week course will focus on the remarkable process of kiln-firing and mould work. We will cover all the basics of fusing, learn how glass behaves when heated and cooled, why some glasses are not compatible with others, kiln preparation and firing schedules, working with accessories such as frits and stringers, the use of enamels and metal inclusions, and slumping into moulds. We will also look at things to avoid and trouble shooting.
This is a practical course that will build your knowledge and skill throughout the term. Each week, after a short over view of some of the key specifics of the subject, you will be able to work on your own projects which will be fired and returned to you by Caroline. All tools and equipment are provided and a range of glass and other compatible materials can be bought from Caroline. £75.00 (booking essential)
Contact the Subscription Rooms on 01453 760900

Stained Glass Class

Caroline Lambert
Monday 28 April 10 Weeks 1.30pm-3.30pm and 7.00pm – 9.00pm
(no class 5 & 26 May)
Tuesday 29 April 10 Weeks 10.30am-12.30pm
(no class 6 & 27 May)
This popular class will quickly have you designing, cutting and assembling your own stained glass creation in a friendly and supportive environment. Based on individual needs, designed for both beginners and those with some experience, the course provides an opportunity to work on personal projects and covers a range of traditional and more contemporary methods. You will learn all the basic techniques of pattern preparation, glass cutting, leading, foiling, soldering and finishing and basic decorative processes such as painting and fusing. All tools and equipment are provided and a range of glass and other materials can be bought from Caroline.
£75.00 (booking essential)
Contact the Subscription Rooms on 01453 760900

Write a Novel in 2014

Kevan Manwaring
Monday 28 April 10 Weeks 7.00pm – 9.00pm
(no class 5 & 26 May)
This course is for anyone who wishes for ongoing support in the writing of your novel. Completion of the Spring term, or a similar writing course recommended, as we go beyond the basics and further into honing your magnum opus. Every week there will be a chance to workshop your chapters (bring in typed copies), as well as additional advice on the craft of the novel from a published author and experienced creative writing teacher.
£75.00 (booking essential)
Contact the Subscription Rooms on 01453 760900

Watercolour for Beginners

Rita Dee
Thursday 24 April (no class 29 May) 10.00am-12 noon
10 weeks
This course is suitable for students who are new to watercolour painting or those who wish to expand their knowledge of basic techniques as a refresher course. Instruction will deal with information on suitable watercolour materials, colour mixing and exercises using different techniques of applying paint. Subjects will include landscape, plants, buildings, natural forms and still-life.
£75.00 (booking essential)
Contact the Subscription Rooms on 01453 760900

Yoga and Relaxation

Mondays 5.45pm to 7.15pm

Based loosely on Scaravelli’s form of yoga where the poses are adapted to the person. Helps restore vitality and energy.
£6.00 per class
Contact Claudia Weston or or 01453 765872

Yoga in Pregnancy

Mondays 7.30pm - 8.30pm

With Claudia Weston
Yoga is ideal preparation for labour and childbirth. Yoga enables you to be more relaxed, with more space in your body for your baby and your breathing.
£6.00 per class
Contact: or 01453 765 872.


Wednesdays 7.30pm- 9.00pm

A complete self - healing qi gong system for all ages. It includes simple sitting, standing, lying down exercises and meditation techniques for quietening the mind, well being and inner peace.
12 classes £132 payment is by the term
01453 836425 and email

Learn To Jive with Just Jive

Wednesdays 7.15pm-10.30pm
7.15 pm (Beginners)
8.15 pm (Intermediates 1)
9.15 pm (Intermediates 2)

with Just Jive
Learn to jive with experienced and fun teachers. A great way to get fit and improve your social life. The dances are easy to learn and are taught step by step. There’s no need to bring a partner – just yourself.
Fee per class: £5.00
Membership available. Contact James or Lisa on 01453 752842